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Does it really matter? February 28, 2010

Filed under: Life in general! — Karen @ 4:56 pm

It is a fact, we are in troubled times but you know what? Does it really matter? Can we fix it? Yes, of course, we can make our voice heard but it is going to take alot more than our voices to make the change.  There are things we can do to take care of our personal being. Here is a few things I thought about.

1. Be grateful. I have a gratitude journal on my iphone and I try to remember everyday to write down one thing I am grateful for. Isnt that better that thinking of one thing that irritates us?

2. Try to hang around people that have the same views and attitudes you do. I find it is difficult not to talk about world affairs but along with that I always like to add a plus. Like it could always be worse.

3. Physical fitness. I think it is important at this time to have a release and doing a vigorous workout sure helps me. Don’t have time to think of anything else except that I might have sore muscles the next day.

4. Family.  I think you should draw near to them and keep in close contact. You dont know they may be living with you or visa versa.

5. Spiritual. I find comfort in prayers and have faith in God knowing what is best for me.


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